To purchase or not to purchase a refurbished display

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I was wondering if anyone has purchased a refurbished display from the Apple Store and how the experience turned out. Thanks in advance.


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    (There's quite a few threads about this. You get your answers faster if you use 'search'.)

    I've recently purchased a refurbished 30" ACD via the Apple Store and as others have experienced before me it is flawless.

    Not a single dead pixel (and I had a really good look).

    No uneven backlighting, it's uniformly black.

    Granted black levels and contrast levels are not as good as you can get from top of the line monitors from other manufacturers.

    But I wanted a monitor made from metal not plastic and there aren't that many choices in the 30" area made of metal.

    Often you find recommendations for the 30" DELL monitor but if you read reviews many complain about the wobbly and floppy build quality, like the monitor actually bends then shakes every time you press a bezel button. Awesome! Not for me.

    I can recommend refurbished ACDs.

    My experience was flawless.
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    Apple refurbished products come with normal warranty so I would not hesitate to buy anything from the Refurb Store!
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    I always buy from
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