From Unibody MacBook Pro To Unibody Perfume Bottle?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
As we all know, Apple came out with the unibody MacBook Pros last year.

Turns out Apple's not alone in unibody design, and we're not talking Dell copying Apple again: Two months ago, Issey Miyake launched a new perfume called "a scent by issey miyake" (currently sold at Saks and Neiman Marcus, with more points of sale to follow shortly) placed in a unibody bottle, made out of a single "slab of pure glass" that is precision-sliced to the right depth, plus the logo is engraved inside the unibody bottle (hmmm... sounds a lot like Apple). And in addition to a scent "inspired by pure fresh air", they're also using the unibody bottle as a selling point for the perfume, much like Apple uses the unibody aluminum case as a selling point for MacBooks in addition to the core technology inside.

This makes me wonder: Did Apple, as normal, start a trend that spread into other industries (a la fruit-flavored iMacs)? Will we see unibody design go into other everyday products?

(Disclaimer: I know someone who works for Beaute Prestige International, the division of Shiseido Cosmetics that makes this and other fragrance brands such as John Varvatos and Jean Paul Gaultier, so I got the scoop from her.)
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