Apple iTunes On-Board With Windows 7 Launch

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Remember when Windows Vista came out and Apple told users not to upgrade to Vista, because it wasn?t compatible with iTunes (rather than iTunes wasn?t compatible with Vista!)? Many users, including myself, had nightmares using iTunes in the early months of Windows Vista.

This time it appears that Apple are accepting that the majority of the world uses Windows and not their OS, and iTunes is fully compatible with Windows 7. Not only that, but the latest iTunes 9 version also adds a Windows 7 Jumplist:


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    Well, I'm sure Apple did get access to both the Build 7000 public beta and Build 7100 Release Candidate 1 public build, so Apple had time to tune and tweak iTunes 9.0 to be fully Windows 7 compatible.

    As such, iTunes 9.0 will work with the final Windows 7 release with no major issues.
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    Hopefully this is a sign that they (Apple) are ready to face reality... I personally don't use itunes because of it being bloatware, but I'm glad they are finally willing to change with the times.
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