Disk on network doesn't automatically mount using Backup

in macOS edited January 2014
I use Backup (the Mac app) to backup some things to my iDisk and others to an hd connected to my airport extreme. It works fine, except for that when the app appears (each day) for the scheduled backup to the network hd, (it sits there waiting, saying ''waiting for volume... and the name of the disk"). I have to go to the finder, open a window, go to 'All' under 'Shared' locations, choose the network hd, click on the folder (there's only one one the disk) and then, and only then, will the backup begin.

Is there any way for it to just be able to find the folder by itself and perform the backup without my having to find the folder for it every time?


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    bump for (as we used to say on the baskteball court in my youth when a ball got away):

    "little help?!"
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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,728member
    I recommend against using Backup. It has bugs, and that's something you really don't want in a backup program.

    Try Carbon Copy Cloner instead.
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