Caching with Squidproxy on Snowleopard

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hi all, I am looking at caching using squid proxy (main so I do not have to redownload YouTube videos). I have installed SQUID PROXY using Squidman on my MacBook with Snowleopard. Is it possible to point my network connection settings to myself (back to my MacBook), where Squid resides? Hope that makes sense.


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    Sure. Squid is running on a port on your machine, eg: 8080. So in say, firefox, set your proxy settings to point to (or whatever port squid is running on). aka 'localhost' means "me" in computer networking speak. It is a 'loopback' device that always points to your own machine. means port 8080 on

    the default port for squid is 3128, I think.
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