Snow Leopard's little refinements

in macOS edited January 2014
Snow Leopard seems to have an endless number of tiny tweaks up its sleeve, and here are a few more morsels.
  • In Exposé, when your mouse pointer is over a window thumbnail, press the Space bar to expand it (press again to return it to its minimized size).

  • This will interest only programmers, but Quick Look now applies syntax highlighting for source code files in at least some programming languages.

  • If the Trash contains locked files, emptying the Trash displays a new dialog that gives you the option to delete all the unlocked files, rather than repeat the action with the Option key held down to delete everything.

  • In the Icon view in a Finder window, if any filenames overlap, the names in the background turn gray. It's a nice tweak to avoid the solid block of black that happens when lots of items are stacked on top of each other.


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