Time Capsule - Connect to it while connecting to wifi network at same time?

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Hi. I recently purchased a Time Capsule to use as a wireless hard drive. I connect to the internet both through wifi and ethernet to a educational network that does not allow extra routers, etc, to be added to the network, therefore I can not use the time capsule for this wifi.

I therefore want to connect to my early 2009 MBP17unibody to both the academic internet network for http/pop3/ftp/etc while simultaneously connecting to external hard drive to store data/itunes-library/etc.

I expect this has been asked before but I can't find any threads where it has. If anyone knows it would be highly helpful. I'd prefer to connect to both wirelessly but I could potentially put up with connecting to either or both with ethernet.


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    You can't connect to two different WiFi networks at the same time... (there's only one airport card in the Mac.)

    You CAN use both the Ethernet and WiFi at the same time though.
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