Airport Issues after installing Snow Leopard

in macOS edited January 2014
I have a iMac with Intel (1st gen not a Core Duo). Came installed with Tiger. Has worked absolutely flawlessly. I have perform a clean install, first with Leopard, installed all updates, then installed Snow Leopard. Now I keep losing my Airport connection. It is able to find my Airport Extreme (N- Dual band) and will make a link, however loses the signal within 2 mins. Nothing else has changed other then the OS. The base station and iMac in question are in the exactly same spot. I can use the wireless with my Macbook Air in the same area as my iMac, so it doesn't seem to be a signal problem.

Anyone else have this problem?


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    Try deleting your current network location, and then creating a new one (you may also want to delete and recreate the actual ethernet/Airport/Bluetooth connections as well). When I upgraded from Leopard to SL on my Mini, Airport wouldn't even turn on for me, and that was how I was able to get connected again.

    Creating a new location, and deleting the old one worked for me at least.
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