is something wrong with my battery

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i Have a 15 inch unibody MBP (the one with the 4 hour battery) and since I got it, iv realised iv never gotten close to 4 hours on it, even just with web browsing.

I tried the battery calibration thing on apples website but that didnt help at all. On a full charge if I check the battery it says I have 2:45 left, sometimes 3. thats not even close to 4 hours.

also, I can NEVER finish a movie all the way through. If im watching a movie, my battery will usually die about an hour and thirty/fourty five minutes in and I always have to plug it in to finish. does anyone else have these problems? or is this just how its supposed to be because it kinda sucks

My mac is on the more battery life setting also, and was purchased late april 09


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    There could be something wrong with it. I got a replacement battery for a much older (2006) MBP and after only 7 months it would only hold a charge for about an hour. I took it in and they replaced it on the spot. If you have an Apple Store close by you can take it in and they will be able to replace it right there. If not, you may have to call them and see what they can do.
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