Current 13" Macbook Pro V.S. Black Macbook

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Alrighty, its been a while since I been on here but im in a situation.

I currently own a macbook air while I LOVE it, it doesn't have a audio input, and I plan on recording, I know you can record through the usb but I don't have the equipment at the moment..

I cant decide between the two, only reason Im condering the black though is because of the price. Keep in mind I do plan to record.

Ram- Both can be maxed out

Hard Drive- 80Gb is more than enough for me.

Build material.. Well I loved my macbook airs aluminum shell at first, but I began getting dents, sure I didn't take the best care of it, but the dents annoy me alittle. The plastic I had was white and it shure did scratch and scuff pretty well but of course never held a dent.. I really would love a computer that physically could take some abuse..

Any reason I should go with the newer over the older?

Price difference is

$1018 NEW for current macbook

$600$ For Black Macbook

Money isn't a problem but I love to spend less, Im finding out more and more I don't need to have the newest flashyest stuff out.

What do you guys think I should go with? And WHY?


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    Reasons for 13" pro:

    Faster CPU


    Better screen


    better battery life

    backlit keyboard

    SD card reader if you take pictures at all.


    Mini-DP. Compatible with an entire one display and the adaptors are still very buggy.
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    If u want to save a lot of money, the black MB would be a good deal but u would have to use with an external monitor. I often use a white MB with the same specs (i think, the MacBook4,1) as a backup for my MBP, but the lcds on the MBs rot. Battery life is far better on the MB then my MBP but I don't use it on the road unless I have to. Good luck!
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