I was wondering when it would happen...

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<a href="http://dailynews.yahoo.com/htx/nm/20011220/bs/attack_lawsuit_dc_1.html"; target="_blank">http://dailynews.yahoo.com/htx/nm/20011220/bs/attack_lawsuit_dc_1.html</a>;

[quote] For those too lazy to click the link: <strong>Thursday December 20 12:52 PM ET

United Sued for WTC Hijacking Attack

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The widow of a New Hampshire man who was a passenger on the United Air Lines flight that slammed into the World Trade Center filed on Thursday what is believed to be the first suit against an airline stemming from the Sept. 11 attacks.

The wrongful death suit, filed in Manhattan federal court, alleges that United breached its duty to care for the safety of the passengers on Flight 175. The suit filed by Ellen Mariani, whose husband, Louis, was killed in the attack, seeks unspecified damages.

The Nolan Law Group, the Chicago firm that filed the suit, said it believed this was the first action against an airline seeking to hold it liable for the hijacking.

Louis Mariani, a 59-year-old retired sales coordinator at H.P. Hood, died when the plane hit Tower Number Two of the World Trade Center. The suit alleged that he suffered severe fright and terror before dying in the crash.

A spokesman for United said the airline does not comment on pending litigation.</strong><hr></blockquote>

Not sure really how to take this one. On the one hand I understand wanting ot be able to take charge and hold someone responsible for the death of your spouse, but on the other hand, how could she hold them responsible for this? I am sure there are "valid reasons". They shoule have screened passengers better, they should have put stronger doors on the cockpit, they should have armed the pilots. But come on!


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    I can see how one would make the argument, but to me it's not right to do something like this (law suit). This was a national tragedy, international even. It transcends personal loss and grievance in a way few other tragedies have. This wasn't some isolated freak of nature screw up...this was pure evil rearing its ugly face and clubbing us all upside the head. We all hurt because of this, even the people at United. ESPECIALLY them. They need to be supported too, I guess is what I'm saying.

    I can't pretend to know how much the litigants suffered as a result, but this won't make it any better and won't make it any less likely to happen again. It will just stir up bad blood when we need to stick together. Put another way, let the government handle United....

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    I think the airlines are "responsible" in some way. After all they are the ones that fought the hardest to make sure everything was as insecure as it could be. They fought every attempt to make all aspects air travel safer.

    I'd say bin Laden is 99% responsible and the airlines 1%.
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    If airlines had even tried to make travel safer, instead of seeing how little they could get away with, then I would consider this suit to be basless.

    However, they've been fighting any and every saftey/security regulation imagineable for years. Everyone knew U.S airline security was a complete joke and it always has been. It wouldn't be this way if the industry hadn't fought to ensure that it was.

    They failed in their duty of care because they simply didn't care about security and this failure lead to a breach, which lead directly to.....surprise, surprise....a hijacking.

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    It wasn't just United though. It was all of the Airlines...United, Delta, American, Northwest. They all skimped....the airport authority people skimped and cut corners. The whole system was fuked. I don't deny the airlines played a pivotal role, but giving the survivors 10 million that might otherwise be spent on added security won't cure anyone's grief or stop it from happening again....
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