Daisy Chain Hard Drives

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Ok, I know this question has been asked already, but it is always regarding USB.

I want to know if it is possible to go from my MacBook Pro to a firewire hard drive to a usb hard drive.

I have a LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk (1TB) with eSATA, 2 FireWire 800 (9-pin), FireWire 400 port (6-pin), and USB ports and a 3 year old Western Digital Drive with only USB. Is there a way for me to connect them together so I am only using one port on my macbook pro?

No idea if this matters or not, but I have partitioned the LaCie drive in half for 1/2 time machine back up and 1/2 other. My Western Digital is only one partition all all three partition are in Mac OS X Journaled.

A new enclosure is an option if that would make a difference and I can find out what type of drive my WD is if that would help. I have the info somewhere.




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    Nope... at least, not as a daisy chain.

    Your only hope is to buy a USB hub... plug the drives into the hub, then you'll only have one cord going to the MBP.

    You could also buy a new FW enclosure to put the WD drive into. Then you could daisy-chain the two FW externals. You'll just need to know whether the actual drive inside is SATA or IDE so that you get the right enclosure.
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