newbie alert.....question with iphone and itunes.....

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I have my wifes iphone synced with my laptop. My laptop went kuhpoot. Now i am trying to sync with desktop (new one....pc) itunes says that it needs to erase the iphone to sync it. Like the apps will be erased. She has a lot of apps. How do i do this and retain the apps. contacts and the like. I was trying to plug it in in order for the new mms thing and now am stuck. Does anyone have any suggestions. Im not tech savvy but workable. Help a brudda out. Thanks


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    Alright, thanks for all the help. But seriously does anyone know how I could somehow save the apps to another drive then put them back into iTunes on new computer. And how would I transfer contacts and the appt calander? Anyone. It would be much appricated. Thanks all
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    If you were working with a Mac, I could help you out.
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    You can typically regain the purchased content via a call to Apple Support. They can send you an email containing a link to re-download all of your purchased content to a computer authorized on your account and with iTunes installed.

    As for the contacts...
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    thanks a lot. I got it to work but now it says itunes is unable access disk on iphone. the contacts were backed up.....but when it came time to do the apps, then is popped that dialog box up.????
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