Adobe Illustrator CS4 Hanging

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I have an aluminum iMac running Snow Leopard at 3.06 gHz with 4 GB of memory. I'm also using Illustrator CS4 which has proven to be quite buggy and I can't seem to pinpoint the problem.

It will open documents of various sizes and complexity for five to six times with no trouble, either over a network or locally. However, I'll try to open or create a new document and the beach ball will spin. I'll have to force quit Illustrator, but even when I relaunch it the same problem occurs the first time I try to open a file.

The only fix I've found is a hard restart which leads me to believe it's a memory management issue with the app. This leads me to ask two questions:

1. Is anyone else out there experiencing this? I've been to Adobe's support forums and they are no help.

2. Is there a utility out there to purge memory from a single app or simulate a restart by resetting memory and the like? The restarts really hamper productivity.

Any help or insight is appreciated. Thanks.


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    For any problem with an Adobe CS app, the first thing to do is to reset the preferences file for that app. Have u tried that? the procedure can be found on the Adobe support site, or google reset preferences adobe. I forgot the key combo whoops! But Illustrator should work fine, as ur setup and mine are really close
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