Calling All Illustrator CS3 Masters!!! HELP!!

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I just received a brand new Mac Pro 8 Core 2.26ghz with 16gigs of Ram and to my suprise it runs Illustrator CS3 slower than my Mac Pro Dual-Core Xeon 2.66ghz with 5gigs of Ram. When I open a file the links pallet refreshes slow (i have thumbnails turned off). You can tell its chugging. Why? This machine should part my hair! I am running 10.5 Leopard......even panning around it chugs HELP!!!


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    There could be dozens of possible reasons why it's running slow... Anyone willing to give this person's problem a shot?
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,323moderator
    You can run through the usual maintenance procedures. Run Disk Utility to check your drive is ok and check permissions. Once that's done, reboot holding the shift key down to safe boot and clean out all your caches (takes a while) then reboot back into a normal startup.
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    If u ever have a problem with an adobe app, try this first: Command-Option-Shift when opening the app. The preference files for these apps are always getting hosed. fixes about 99% of the problems that I have seen good luck!
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