Which 15" MacBook Pro is for me?

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I'm looking to get a 15" MacBook Pro. It will be mostly for general computer use, web surfing, office but I will be doing some light Photoshop and video editing for personal use. I'd appreciate some input as to which model would best suit my needs. Thanks in advance.


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    I bought the 15" Macbook Pro 2.66GHz with dedicated graphics card. For our tasks, probably you won't see a difference between the 9400m and the 9600GT yet, but for heavy graphics use with big external monitors and such, there is some difference. I don't play games, so I don't know about this, but most likely the 9600GT is faster.

    Anyway, with two graphics cards and dedicated ram you can get just a little bit more power out of the machine, so if you have the money, get this model. The lowest 15" model is certainly strong enough for light video editing, as I'm doing DV video editing with imovie09 on a macmini 1.83GHz with integrated intel graphics.. Any new Macbook should be strong enough for light video editing, even HD.
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    Mid-level. The low level is what used to be the 13" MacBook, I believe. In addition, you don't want to spend too much extra.
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