How to replace the iPhone 3G Home Button? Any guides?

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Hi guys,

I managed to make a Franken-phone with two 3G. One had a bad screen, but great exterior and the other one was pretty beated up but the screen was recently changed, so I merged them into one.

The only problem is the home button contact is broken, so I need to replace the home button from the good screen with the working home button of the bad screen.

Anybody has instructions, pictures, video, etc? I'm not that great of a modder so I need help! I heard it can "slide out", but how I don't get it :confused:



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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,698member
    Try the guides at iFixit
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    Originally Posted by Mr. H View Post

    Try the guides at iFixit

    I should've said it, but I already checked those. They don't explain how to change the home button Tried with Google and did not find a single video/guide on the subject. Help
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