Getting the clamshell iBook to do youtube HELP!

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Hello, I recently sold my macbook air and while Im getting a 13" pro, I bought my girlfriend a ibook clamshell thinking it would be all she needed since all she does is youtube stuff. Well boy was I wrong..

Im writing this from the ibook it works great but it needs the newer version of flashplayer.. Is this a possiblity? Even if I updated the OS [currently 9.2.2] Is there anyway I can get youtube videos on this baby as its the only purpose of this computer.. If not this computer is out the window.


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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,870member
    unfortunately, due to the stupendous lameness of Flash, the clamshell iBook is nowhere near powerful enough for youtube.

    In theory, there's enough computing power to handle the low-res videos with very well optimised playback software (which doesn't exist), but the high-res ones are definitely beyond it. Sorry.
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