15" Powerbook 1.25ghz HD Video?

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Wondering if anyone has gotten the 1.25ghz powerbook ~2003 to play iTunes HD video? I have 512mb ram 10.5 OSX, stock hard drive. I need to upgrade RAM regardless I think to 2gb, but if anyone could tell me if that boost would help play the HD video I will get it for sure. Otherwise, I might just wait and get the AppleTV or wait until after CES/Macworld and see what my options are. Trying to be able to play HD video (TV Shows) cheaply .



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    I've the 1.5 G4 PBook... with 1.5GB RAM. It stutters throughout playback of HD mp4 (h264) (720p) files. Doesn't even handle Flash video well at low resolutions. Youtube stuff is watchable, but nowhere near as smooth as on the intel iMac.

    "Standard" definition sizes will play just fine, which will look good on it's 15" screen... but don't expect to use that machine to feed HD video to a larger monitor (or even play them on it's own screen.)
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    Thanks for the feedback. I will have to wait and see what my options are after CES/Macworld. I do use displayconfigX, a $12 add on that forces the display to output different resolutions. Works well. I do think there is a demo, so you can test to see if it would work on your setup.
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