Second Coming

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16 December 2001

<a href=""; target="_blank">Second Coming.</a>

A Story of the Savior

[quote]Settle people, settle. Settle please. Carrie, could you pass those bagels down here, looks to me like Lloyd is salivating all over the meeting schedule. Okay, thanks for coming in on a Sunday, I know we'd all rather be out shopping or watching football but the client could only come in today and I wanted us all together so we could get an idea of where this project is going. I hope you've all had a chance to meet Jesus but if not, um, Jesus? Jesus could you wave your hand so everyone... Everyone, say hello to Jesus Christ.

Hi, guys!

Hello, Jesus!

Great, great. Okay, I'm going to hand the reins over to Pete who's been leading the charge on this account. Pete?

Thanks, Stan. Good morning, everyone. I hope you've all had a chance to grab a bagel and some coffee. All I could get today was Starbucks, I hope that's okay with everyone. I know they're not one of our accounts... anyway, we're all here today to talk about the progress we've had on this project and also to get some input from the client, Mr. Christ, and hopefully come to consensus on a direction we can all agree with. Yes, Jesus?

Oh, sorry. I was just trying to get the bagels passed this way.

Could someone get the lord a bagel, please? Thanks, Cindi. Okay, Marv, could you give us all an overview of the project as it stands now?

Sure, Pete! Morning, all!

Morning, Marv.

Okay, cool, cool. Well, as you all know what we have here is the second coming of Mr. Christ here, or I suppose that would be the first coming for our Jewish friends. Ha ha. Anyway, our goal is to make an immediate, global impact for the client in all media simultaneous. This is a Christmas release, for obvious reasons, and we're under a tight deadline. Jeff is handling TV, Mary Ann has print, Suze is on product placement with the studios, Carl has been talking with AOL and Redmond about online ads and tie-ins, good on you Carl, I've seen a lot about Christ lately and I know that isn't all you but it reflects well on our goal. Um, yes, Mr. Christ?

Just Jesus, Marv.

Okay, cool, cool. Let's all remember to call him Jesus, okay? Okay, cool, cool. Sorry, go ahead Jesus...<hr></blockquote>


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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member

    That's good stuff. They should make a movie like that...instead of always making it controversial or depressing, they could make the Second Coming movie a sort of good-natured comedy...showing how all the different stereotypical people react to Jesus.
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    Nice Web site...

    I dunno..most people here know my feelings on religion (none). Funny story though.
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