Craaacking sound when the MacBook Pro lid is closed.

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I noticed this starting about two weeks ago (I purchased this computer, MBP 13", at the end of June).

For some reason, if the laptop was open for a couple of minutes, once I try closing the lid, I get this semi-loud cracking/creaking/snapping sound. It sounds like it's near the hinge. If the computer is closed/open multiple times in succession it only makes the sound the first time; evidence would suggest that the hinge needs to be "exercised" before it's creak free. If you guys want, I could try posting a video.

A cursory search on Google revealed that other users had experienced similar problems.

I'm wondering how I could get this resolved (either myself, without voiding the warranty, or contacting AppleCare). Based on the experiences of other people, Apple considered this obvious defect to be "within spec". Would I have any luck getting it fixed?

Do any other users have a similar problem?
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