Check out the app: iFavorites

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Check out our app, iFavorites:

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The iPhone already has a favorites feature, but it is limited to only one list, and when that list contains more than 10-15 contacts, it is not convenient to use and becomes useless.

Wouldn't it be great if the Favorites list was divided into a number of lists, sorted by categories such as: Family, Friends, Work and so on? Categories we could browse with a single swipe of our finger? And wouldn't it be more convenient if from the same list we could not only call the contact, but also send him SMS or E-Mail?

This exactly what iFavorites does:

Instead of making just one list of favorites, you can makes groups of your favorite contacts, such as: Family members, Friends, Work colleagues, Restaurants, and any other category you can think of. The transition between the groups is done by simply moving your finger right to left and vice versa. In the top of the list there are 3 buttons: Call, SMS, Mail. By default, the Call button is pressed so when you click on a contact from the list, it will automatically call that contact. But if you want to send him SMS, you just press the SMS button before you click on your contact.

IFavorites is the simplest and most efficient way to call, SMS or e-mail your contacts!

In addition, iFavorites allows you to know who are the top 5 contacts you called this month. Pressing the Top5 button will present you with a pie chart with the top 5 people you called that month, including the percentage of made calls. This option could even save you money, as most cellular suppliers allow deals for reduced price for specific contacts.

iFavorites also enables you to access all the contacts in the address book and to the phone keypad just like the original application of the iPhone, so you are not losing any functionality of the iPhone, only increasing it.

This is not another application to be downloaded and forgotten. iFavorites will become an integral part of the way you use your iPhone.



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