When technology is more important than patient's welfare!

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Here is another discussion; I find it really sad when doctors today rely only on technology to make a dignosis and do not listen to patients to learn what is the realy cause of a sickness. They do not stop and think about the consequences of a treatment of the life of that patient (like chemeotherapy or strong anti seizures meds).

Also there seemed to be too many c-sections intead of waiting for a natural birth technology here plays a role against the woman and not in the best interest of the woman and the baby. My father was a country doctor and in 25 years he never lost a mother or baby and he did rarely did a c-section on 2,800 births.

Also, doctors do not treat pain in cases of terminal patients they refuse to explore solutions that would benifit the patients like a pump for morphine; pain management at home instead of just treating the disease at home which is the wrong solution for everyone.

In closing doctors look at body parts not at a person.
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