iPhone usage problems (file copy)

in iPhone edited January 2014
I got an iPhone recently (my first Apple hardware product). It is fun and great to have a micro notebook always in the pocket but there is also some stuff I don't get.

I did jailbreak it already as I wanted this fast toggle and I wanted to be able to disable cover flow (that really sucks). BTW the iphone is great in most things but as an Mp3 player it is okay at best. I would never buy just an ipod touch.

What really bugs me is you can just simply put files on it. I was in the library and needed a podcast for studys. There are imacs and I had a cable and my iphone. So I thought yeah just download the podcast and put it on the phone. I could get access to my phones music, I could download the file. But it was impossible (as it seemed) to just get this one single m4a file on the iphone. It asked me if I want to delete everything and sync with this new itunes. WTF.

In my own itunes I set everything to manual I don't like to sync certain lists. I just drag to the phone what I want to be on there.

Can someone please explain a windows guy(who on windows and linux is pretty savy) why nothing wants do the things he wants it to do.

And if someone has experience with using foobar2000 with the iphone, links and some info would be appreciated. I found something about it being possible and I would love to get away from iTunes, since I truly hate this piece of software (on windows on a slow machine). Apple makes great hardware and the iphone works fine (when you don't try to do anything like copying files to it) but the Software they make for windows is a ressource hog and impossible to use on older machines. Safari is the same, features like Chrome (which means not a lot) but some really useless shiny stuff that makes the softwaer so terribly slow, especially on startup.

iTunes has iTunesU but that is about the only thing I like about it. Since WMP12 and since I am used to foobar2000 I really dislike, being forced to use iTunes as I think it is the worst out of all this.

Don't get me wrong I like the iphone and I new iTunes before I bought the thing. But this iTunes<>iPhone strict connection is definitely the biggest downside to this gadget. My old mp3 player was so simple. You could hook it up to almost any Mediaplayer, any computer and also just as easily copy everything over Explorer, Dolphine, Konqueror, Finder whatever. Unfortunately I literally destroyed the poor thing . Without a display and brocken buttons it is a little handicapped. Still plays music though.


PS: Why you can't just download the m4a in iphone safari and put it in your music lib or at least just play it right from the iphone safari is a mystery to me.
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