MacBook 1st Gen

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I have a Black MacBook 1,1... yup, the very first revision of the first gen. I am wanting to know what it's worth as I may be trying to sell it. I did find a couple on eBay for around 600 but that seems to be high...

I did upgrade the hard-drive to 120GB (from 80) and 1 GB RAM (from 512MB) and from Tiger up to Snow Leopard (thought, technically, I should put Tiger back on it...)

Technical Specifications

I have also thought about giving to my nieces because of the better parental controls than Windows has (what their parents have).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You want opinions?

    I'd say it's worth $500 tops.

    You certainly should be able to get $400+ for it on eBay.
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    Yeah, I was thinking 500, myself. I am not going to put it on eBay, though. I, most likely, will do it by word of mouth or maybe Craigslist...
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