Can swollen iPod touch explode?

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I have a first generation 16 GB iPod touch from late 2007. When charging it last week I noticed after about half an hour that the touch is swollen on top and bottom and bulging about 2 mm on top, so that the glass is pushed out in the middle. The round button at the bottom of the iPod is wedged in and does not work anymore.

Can the iPod explode if I continue charging/using it connected to my computer?

Does anybody else had that problem with early models?

I went to an Apple store, but they could not advise me to use or not use the iPod. I should make an appointment with a "Genius", however, they told me that they don't repair iPods. So, how much use would that be? It does not properly work and they won't repair it, nor would they tell me if I can use it.


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    Don't use it.

    It sounds like the battery is swelling when charging. Another words, that battery is failing. It may not explode, but it either has or is about to burst and it could even start a fire. Take it back to the Apple Store, it'll get you a 10% discount off of a new Touch.
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    Had an appointment with a Genius and they exchanged my touch without discussion. Thanks a bunch to Apple.
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