iMac Club Mac vs Apple Direct

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
So does anyone have some good pros & cons for purchasing the new iMac at Club Mac instead of Apple Direct?

Most importantly, are there buyers out there who have had a good experience with a Club Mac purchase?


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    I've purchased from both - Apple a little quicker, ClubMac a little cheaper.

    Bought two 27" iMacs last week --- bought the Core 2 from Apple to get it asap - bought the Core i5 from Club Mac to save about $200 and since I don't know when they will ship, I won't feel bad getting it a couple of days later than I would from Apple direct. Used to order more from ClubMac and resellers before they started collecting NY Sales Tax - they have lost much of their cost advantage, but still offer a better deal overall in terms of cost savings...
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