MacBook Air's future?

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What do people think of the MacBook Air's future? It doesn't seem to have had much attention from Apple of late, and was wondering how much longer this iconic machine has left?

The latest white MacBook has a much better spec and obviously keener price, and what will become of the Air when the Tablet eventually arrives and garners everyone's attention? It's a beautiful machine but I just wonder how it's position and price can stay in the current line up?


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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    It's been said before on these forums that the purpose of the Macbook Air is not to be a fully featured and powered portable computer. It seems to be Apple's answer to the Mac user who requires a low-weight, second machine to supplement their full-powered desktop machine. In this role, my original Macbook Air (Feb '08, with the 1.6GHz processor and the 4200 RPM PATA drive) has performed admirably.

    For the future, perhaps Apple has only evolutionary changes in mind to keep bumping the specs while maintaining or slightly lowering the pricepoint. The biggest change that is likely to come is the inclusion of SSD drives as standard, and the inclusion of 4GB of RAM. Other than that, I think that the form factor is near perfect for what the machine is intended to do.

    Incidentally, I picked up a Dell Mini-9 with Ubuntu for $199. Installed Windows7 RC on it and it runs well. I am told that there is a way to hackintosh it.... maybe a project for the future?
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    Dell mini 9s are incredibly easy to install osx on using a retail cd you can get at any apple store. I'm on my iPhone right now but when I get home later I can pm you the links and programs you need to do it.

    Edit: As far as the air goes, I think it will remain in the same position it's in. iSlate sales will be aimed primarily for people in the 800 range, and airs will continue to fill the needs of whoever wants an extra portable MacBook and can aford it.
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    Thanks for the reply Kishan. My girlfriend's old 12" G4 PowerBook is due for an upgrade soon and know she loves the the look and chic-ness of the MBA, but I struggle with the comparative price and spec when compared to the MacBook or smallest MacBook Pro. So much less for so much more!

    I think you're right about the MBA only having minor upgrades from now on. Was surprised to find a maximum 2GB RAM available for it. I still find SSDs quite pricey despite predictions over the last couple of years.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,549moderator
    The MBA is good for writers who need a fixed keyboard and take their machine around a lot. The tablet should be ok for typing on but I doubt it would go down well with people writing constantly. You can easily take a keyboard and plug it in but you also need to prop the screen up so you end up with loads of separate parts to carry.

    The tablet/slate I see as being more for students who are on a tight budget, who need to sit the machine in front of them without the display getting in the way and for people who stand while holding the machine like doctors, surveyors, architects, maybe museum/art gallery tour guides.

    I do think that a lot of people will have bought the Air simply for the weight but I could see the sales dropping in future if Apple offer a much cheaper way to do the job they used the Air for. A touch device would also be way more fun to use.

    If it doesn't run 10.6 though, the situation will be what it is now - people turning netbooks into hackintoshes and those who can afford it buying the MBA. The tablet will go to a separate crowd of people.
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