Does the MacBook (Pro and white) heat too much?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I read some posts that under heavy use the white MacBook gets too hot causing hardware problems (maybe due to the fact that it doesn't have enough air vents and its chassis can't act as an effective passive dissipating frame).

I also read that under the same circumstances the MacBook Pro doesn't experience this problem, but it may get uncomfortably hot to put your hands on or have it over you lap.

I ask this because I put my computers under heavy use frequently, so they do get hot and I think I broke one down because of that. The MB issue would be very serious for me if it is true. I'm not very convinced about the second one (the MBP) though. The temperatures I saw in the reviews though significantly above average weather temperatures in cold countries (I'm in Boston) seem to be just a little above the normal human temperature (37C or 97F), hardly anything disturbing.

I would like to get some opinions from people who have those equipments and who submit them to hard tasks.

Thanks for the attention!
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