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I recently deleted my Bootcamp partition via the utility provided to see if my computer was running slow because of it and now whenever I restart or turn off my Macbook Pro, I have to hold option down like the partition was still there. If I don't, it loads a black screen and says something along the lines of "Insert CD or bootable device." I figured that the Bootcamp partition hasn't been completely deleted.

Can anyone help? I'm trying to setup a Bootcamp partition again, but the assistant keeps telling me that I must reformat my Macintosh hard-drive because files can't be copied over to the Bootcamp partition. I can't backup my files because I don't have access to a external HD.

Quite a predicament?


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    A 'predicament'? Only if you think it is. No short-cuts here of course. Get an external HD, backup, reformat, restore.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,219moderator
    The bootup issue will be due to your startup disk selection. If you get into the Mac side and go to system prefs > startup disk and click on the Mac partition, it should boot into OS X without requiring you to hold down the alt-key.

    The other issue is to do with fragmentation. If you use your machine for any length of time, your contiguous storage blocks on your hard drive get broken up. You can use a defrag program like iDefrag or do a clone to an external drive using Carbon Copy Cloner, do a simple format and clone back again. iDefrag will be quicker.
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