When did those around you start conforming?

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I live in Atlanta which is so totally button down Yuppie it's unbelievable. Yuppie women all look the same because their makeup and hair is done to hide their femininity and individuality. It might distract 2.3% of attention from their slide show presentation if they actually wore their hair the way nature intended.

I grew up in Yonkers right outside of New York City. I had never seen this whole yuppie thing until I went away to college at Penn in Philadelphia in 1988. The freshman all looked like individuals but by sophomore or junior year a large percentage of each class had that style where everyone looks the same, acts the same, has the same annoying whiny accent, has no sense of humor, etc. They're basically spare parts.

So where did this disease start from and where and when did you first see it around you? Being from right near NYC I would have thought I was on the cutting edge, but New York has it's own attitude, so maybe the conformity started somewhere still urban but less interesting.


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    Grade 6 is when I first noticed it. Even those claiming to rebel were still just following the guide way set for them by the "new generation" (aka. the media). Been the same ever since, every one fits into the stereotypes neatly except a few people (most of whom Ive tried to become friends with).

    And yes, the remanents of the hippie generation make me sick. Berkinstock hippies as I call them (dont know where I first heard that term...). Those people who will drive to protest clear cutting by a company that they own stock in, in their silver SUV with the save the earth sticker on it.
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    Aliens must have come down and assimilated people because Seattle has been overrun by the same smarmy type. Driving Land Rovers .0001 miles per hour over speedbumps(guess the don't want to spill their latte's). Every looks like some A $ Fitch Advertisement. Coffee is budgeted by the month and PC rules the conversation. Ach! When did the US fill up with so many self absorbed bags of mostly water? I hate to sound Self Righteous but I think Modern Day culture(TV, new MTV GenX etc) has distorted the views of so many people.

    We are suprised at events like Sept 11th because we're in some dream world where we fuss and fret over the most meaningless things in this world(Women wanting to be waifish...ick!)Men showing their sensitive side?

    Let's call it like it is...the US was founded by kick ass individuals who bucked the current trends. Like I have always said...the Torries still exist...we just have different names for them.

    Maybe it's the Isolationism that most Americans feel about Gov affairs....many don't vote...watching elections is like watching the Jerry Springer show minus the fistfights. Constituents are looked at like children who know nothing ...and to be honest we probably don't...who knows what shady deals are made in smoked filled rooms amongst Politicians. Be afraid...be VERY afraid
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