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I am going to be getting a 3g s iPhone 16gb on or around my birthday (last day of December) but I saw on the Apple Buyer's Guide that it is approaching the end of the cycle. Curious, I spoke to an employee at At&T yesterday and asked him about it, and he told me they usually update the iPhones in July.

I am not going to wait until July for the new iPhone, but if the new version is going to be available anytime soon I would most definitely wait, not for the sake of having the newest toy, but for the functionality the new iPhone would offer, such as multi tasking or a better camera. Or maybe there is a possibility of bumping up the memory?

While I am here, would the "invisible shield' be a good scratch protector for the iPhone? I am not really into cases, but I've heard the iPhone is a scratch magnet, especially the back.

Lastly, are their any tips anyone has for a new iPhone owner, apps I must have, or anything?

Sorry in advance if this has already been discussed, but the search is not working.

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    I'd sure like to see where you saw an official Apple statement that the iPhone is approaching "the end of the cycle".

    That said, Apple doesn't pre-announce new product revisions. Past experience has had new models of the iPhone being released in July. Many of us who follow Apple for fun would be very surprised if there were a new iPhone model released before next summer, but we really don't know anything but what we read online )
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