Anyone notice a lack of codenames?

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Remember when we used to refer to products by there codenames?


I just realized that other than Apollo, I don't think anyone even knows the "internal" codenames to any upcoming products.

It sure isn't iWalk.

Did anyone know the codename for the iPod?

Hats off to Apple in that we can't even refer to stuff by their working names much less take a stab at getting the specs guessed accurately.


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    I was in Cupertino this weekend, getting drunk in one of the trendy night spots, when I noticed this hot young lady (wearing an Apple t-shirt) was looking at me.

    I struck up a conversation, and 26 tequila shots later, she confided to me that the new G4 Powermac line coming soon carries the following rather ominous code name:

    "La Chupacabra"

    Ohhh, my head hurts. Confirmed!
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    The Sucker of Goats!?!?!? AIEEEEEEE!

    Didja nail her?

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