The propaganda of intellectual property piracy on forum

in Feedback edited January 2014
The alert was raised but ignored by moderators and left without any appropriate actions.

The message was sent to Kasper to inform him about that:

Dear Kasper,

I would like to draw your attention to the major incident, having recently happened on the forum board of Apple Insider site. The thread "Hacker cracks Apple's latest iPhone 3GS security measures" ( was openly used by some members of the forum community to spread the acceptance, the commendation and even the guidance in the piracy of intellectual property and abusing Apple products.

The links to crack-ware sites, the recommendations on executing procedures of cracking have been brought to the attention of the audience of our forum.

I raised the alert on that thread as soon as I spotted the misconduct. That message was undoubtedly seen by several forum moderators. It has been, however, left without any response or appropriate actions taken.

I beg you to use your authority and to undertake any moves, which you judge justified, to stop the appearance of such materials, hurting the reputation both of Apple Insider site and of Apple Computer company itself.

You can't deny that I have never recoursed to your support upon some occurrences of misconduct on the forum, when they targeted only myself. But I do feel the sincere interest and involvement in any events, concerning Apple and their products; I always expressed my disagreement with and refusal to accept any acts of piracy and violations of intellectual property laws. All that, I believe, explains my initiative to fix the issue, having been signalled above.

Thank you fro your attention,

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