Apple keeps non-US iPhone users AT&T's hostage

in iPhone edited January 2014
The title should be non-US and not no US!! Sorry about that....

Could we have a poll of non US iphone users that can say about their operator if they allow tethering and streaming and such activities in their mobile network? Its absurd to be a hostage of a company that I am not a customer of (AT&T)!!! Im a customer of Apple (hw manufacturer) and Teliasonera (operator in Europe).

Atleast everybody outside the US that doesnt have operator restrictions on data usage should send feedback email to apple/applestore that we dont want to be held as AT&T:s hostage. Please (Apple) give us the rights to use our equipment as we have the right to in the service agreement of our mobile operator and stop cripling the apps in the appstore like eyetv, skype, tethering, etc!!!

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