vaja ivolution case for iphone

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i am new on AI but i have been a regular over at MR. i am so bummed out about a recent experience with VAJA that i wanted to warn anyone who might be thinking about dropping a wad on one of thier custom cases.

i dont want to even justify the insane cost i spent on this case in the first place. but suffice to say one would expect nothing but the very best for a case that cost almost as much as a phone itself. after having a very shoddily manufactured case shipped ( the leather wore off the top lip ) my replacement started to show signs of the same issue. to top it off a piece of leather started stripping off the side to reveal the white skeleton beneath. i had never dropped the case or had it anywhere that any damage like this could occur. i was honest with vaja in the fact that a few weeks prior i dropped the case and suffered damage to the top of the case but that was not the main reason for my return. ( see attached pic )

here is vajas response.


Thanks for the pictures, they have already been analyzed by our Product Department. We think it is worth to explain how our warranty policy works and how it should be applied. All our products are covered by one year warranty, this means that if any confection, manufacturing or material flaw is present in the case, or if it appears with use we replace it or repair it in case that is viable. By use, we mean normal daily use, as it is stated in our policies section in the site:

"This limited warranty does not cover defects from product misuse, product neglect, product abuse, product tampering, product alterations and unauthorized product repairs. Furthermore, this warranty does not cover any consequential damage to a person or property other than the product purchased. "

The case shows serious damage, which cannot be considered as a result of normal use. The damage it shows seems to have been done with a pointed object or a heavy pressure (if you are saying it was dropped, this may have affected the leather);otherwise, the leather does not react this way. The material it is made of is leather, even though we only use high-end leather, it is a flexible material, and due to its nature, it may be ripped i in certain circumstances bringing about this damage, though it may have been accidentally. Unfortunately, our warranty is not applicable when this happens.

Hoping this may have been useful to shed some light into this issue

so i got kicked to the curb on a product that is clearly suffering from poor manufacturing not once but twice. i had a vaja red limited top case that also was of horrible build quailty so i sold it on ebay after reading that i wasn't alone and many had returned 3 or more only to get the same rough edges and badly glued corners. i am really disgusted with myself for thinking a higher priced possibly better made vaja case would be different. i am now out an INSANE amount of money for a case that didn't last 8 months. if vaja wants to sell cases that are excellent in design and warranty they might be able to justify costs but i haven't seen a well made vaja case since days of the Treo 650...


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