Can I Upgrade My Ram?

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So I have a macbook pro 15 inch that I got in 2007. I remember I upgraded it from Apple when I got it to 2gb a ram. Anyway, I was wondering if i could put more ram in my laptop? Right now it is at 2gigs. Here is a screen shot of the about my mac section.. maybe this will help you guys help me?


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    Yes, you can upgrade the RAM.

    Your laptop has two RAM slots, and at the moment it'll have 1 GB in each slot. If you want more RAM, you'll need to buy two 2 GB sticks (installing in matched pairs gives double the memory bandwidth). is a good place to go as they have high-quality RAM, fairly priced. They also have a RAM selector tool to make sure you get the correct RAM for your machine.
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    I just bought a used 2007 Macbook. It's working great, but only has a total of 1GB and I would like to upgrade to a total of 2GB. I was looking on Ebay and there are some Hynix sticks, but I'm not comfortable with deciding if they are the correct type.

    The label is marked: (top row)1GB 2Rx8 PC2-5300 555 12 (second row)HYMP512S64CP8-Y5 AB 0623

    To my limited knowledge this seems to be what I need, but I'm worried that there is something I'm missing.

    Please enlighten me.

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    visit and it will can help with upgrading ram. they sell slightly cheaper OEM ram than apple ex. mbp upgrade to 8gb at apple is 600 vs this site 420. It isnt the cheapest, but you can use it to find out how much ram your model can accept
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