Does 27" iMac have "Pivot" in its video driver?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
This question is only for those with a new 27" i Mac running Snow Leopard.

As I've already received the Apple VESA adapter plate to allow mounting to a wall mounted extension arm - allowing the i Mac to "float" above the desktop.

I see some mounts allow the screen to be rotated 90 degrees, which lets the user see long spreadsheets and web pages and such.

Does the ATI driver (from Apple) have the option to run the display in "pivot" or 90 degrees rotated option?

(This has been very common in both nVidia and ATI graphics cards for years.)

I'm awaiting my i7 quad, and checking our old G5 have discovered that this is not available on that machine with Tiger.

When I go to "System Preferences" / "Display" / "preferences" I just get a box saying "The Geometry tab of Display preferences is hidden because this display does not have geometry controls."

Would someone with a C2D 27" please check if their i Mac has this option?
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