Spotlight and Indexing SL

in macOS edited January 2014

I have a MBP and I recently did a clean install up to Snow Leopard, and then added all of my movies and files about 150GBs onto my mac. And it was all working perfectly, but now for the past two days I have not been able to use Spotlight as it says it is indexing. :S

Any ideas why or how this might of happened? I have recently brought iDeFrag and did a quick online DeFrag after I installed windows 7 in boot camp.

Any solutions because I use spotlight alot for finding files and not having it is


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    OK i found the solution

    First there was an issue with bootcamp and finder trying to index a NTFS hard drive, so i added that to the privacy list. I then added my the boot hard drive also into the privacy list so it would delete the previous index, then closed preferences and then reopened it and clicked the minus to remove the boot hard drive from the privacy list and it rebuilt the index in 6 minutes so
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