10.6.2 fixes CS4 bug

in macOS edited January 2014
It appears that v10.6.2 fixes the MAJOR bug in Photoshop CS4 that caused my iMac to crash every time I saved a file. Can you imagine how frustrating it was to spend 20 minutes editing a photo, then crash on save command every single time? Installed 10.6.2 tonight and all is well again ... ran through a half dozen edits over an hour's work and no crashes!

Anyway, I've been spending more time on this site trying to research my problem ... thought it was time time join and give something back.


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    I haven't had that particular error but Photoshop CS4 was having some issues with the save/open dialog box in general for me. It wasn't consistent but it would sometimes hang when you tried to open a doc, which can be just as lousy since I rarely save before I open a different file.
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    Mine would crash on opening the app (sometimes), crash while editing (randomly), and crash on save (always). The problem must have been related to the permissions fix; a workaround I read about had me logging in under a newly created, second administrator profile and that seemed to work as a temp fix.
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