Dictionary: how to save seraches?

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Can anyone suggest a fast efficient means to save the words (and maybe definitions) that I look up us using the Dictinary application?

I would like to review these words in a list form. Copy and past is time consuming when I am working and the format is not very readable (requiring more time to fix).

The Apple instructions state that you lose the words looked up when you close the app.

Also, I would like to know if there are any other language Dictionaries avaiiable in Dictionary ? The screen saver now feature Chinese. Nice


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    Originally Posted by Appleuser12 View Post

    I would like to review these words in a list form.

    More difficult to do if you include the definitions, of course. For just the words, you could paste them into a sortable document (a database or spreadsheet). It's not so time consuming to do Cm-A (when the cursor is in the search box) Cmd-C, click on the file to copy it to, and Cmd-V.

    If you want the definitions too, that might be harder to sort. You'd have to play with a spreadsheet and enlarge the cells to hold all that text. Maybe it would sort by the first word.

    I'm just assuming you'd want to sort them to be able to find entries quickly. But I don't know of any other way to preserve things you've looked up besides C&P.
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