Bug makes files vanish!!!

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Here is a bug in Leopard that made me loose some important files. I tested this in different Macs:

I had many text files in the .rtf and the .rtfd format. They were sorted by type inside a folder and I wanted to group them together. To group these text files together, I manually changed the .rtf extensions to .rtfd. Then, I opened these files using TextEdit and dragged an image inside each of the .rtfd text files. and tried to Save only (not with a new name).

Here is a step by step:

1- Open TextEdit and save a .rtf file

2- Manually change the extension to .rtfd

3- Open the .rtfd file and drag an image inside the text.

4- Try saving it. TextEdit will ask if you want to just Save it or Save with a new name. Click "Save" only.

5- Voila!!! Your file vanished forever !!!!


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