How the App Store turned a simple idea into a steady income

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Hey, for those of you developing for the App Store, or thinking about developing, I thought I'd share my story, how I've gone from not even owning a Mac, nor knowing any Objective-C, but just having an idea, to a ready game that is now earning me a solid income.

The games I've developed are iAssociate and Associate This, both word association games, with iAssociate being a version that is selling for $1.99 and Associate This being a free version that includes a small set of the levels found in iAssociate.

I submitted my first version of these word association games back in April this year, and since then I've gone from getting just a few sales per day to getting hundreds of sales per day, in fact far surpassing my salary from my day job.

If you are interested in reading the full story behind this then you can find it at my homepage at

If you want to check out the games in iTunes you can find them from the following links:

iAssociate in iTunes

Associate This in iTunes
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