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Years ago i thought it would be awesome to have a wish list feature on iTunes I would like to think I wrote that or said it to someone and am responsible for that feature, but I doubt it. This time I'm going on the record (only a pun if you're an old enough to remember vinyl) to suggest that it is really important to see the release date of an artist's music (or even a book, etc.) as it is functional to know what the latest work is. Without this info it is really confusing, especially if you are new to a band or musician's art and they are prolific. The information is often available but it's way too difficult to find, as is the "artist Biography". It should be included with every release displayed. Thank you, I hope one of the evangelists art Apple are listening.


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    tubetube Posts: 14member
    Agreed, if the Store showed "Original Release Date: " along with the other info that would be nice, and could make sorting by Release Date more meaningful.
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