Latest OS on Cube ? that works ok?

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Hi folks. I'm about to get a Cube, and want to load it with the newest OS, that will work on it.

This will be used mostly for the internet and iTunes. My daughters husband has one of those other kinds my computers, and he won't let her touch it for music or anything. So I thought I'd give her this. It's this or an older iMac 400 MHZ, Red bubble style.

After doing a bit of checking, it looks like the iMac can take a newer OS then the cube?



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    Nope, Snow Leopard will not run on a PPC Mac. Leopard will, in theory, but if you've got an original Cube with the 450 or 500 Mhz G4, Leopard is probably going to tax it greatly. I'd stick with 10.4 Tiger on a Cube.
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    I got Tiger running on mine.

    It is a 450MHz Cube and runs like a charm ^_^
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