All elusive should which/when should I get thread.

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I'm looking for a new notebook, I have always owned macs two MacBooks and one macbok air. Anyways I only need this computer for iternet browsing, possibly photo editing, iPod control, and BIG factor, recording..

I really like a 13" screen 15"s are just too big. That said the new 13"s have one audio input or output. I need to be able to do recordings but I don't need them to be high quality. A 1/8th inch Jack would be fine for my needs but then I'd have no way of monitoring it. I suppose i'll have to get a FireWire interface.

Anyways main questions, should I get the extra two gigabytes? I don't see it as nessisary for simple recording, iPod management and photo editing.

And should I wait? I'm looking to get something this week but can wait.
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