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Hi guys,

I recently had a PC MB fail and have moved all my files from my former Win 7 machine to my new one (new one is 64 bit). I installed the 64 bit Itunes and copied my itunes folder from my USB drive to the new PC. When I sync I get a popup window saying The iPhone "Dave's iPhone" cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-53).

I have restored the iPhone which downloaded a clean firmware. I have uninstalled itunes and reinstalled. I deleted sync history in case that was corrupt. No help.

All my movies are mv4 so there is no issue there, all my audio and apps are fine. When I click ok on the popup is proceeds to sync but can get stuck or stops part way through. Once I got as far as getting all my audio on and then about 1 out of 15 movies.

Has anybody seen this before? Any ideas?

Thank you


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    llahmanllahman Posts: 1member
    I was receiving this error (could not sync, undefined error (-53)) after I moved my iTunes library from one Windows 7 machine to another.

    I decided to try eliminating all syncing activities and then activating one at a time until I discovered the culprit.

    I went through each tab in iTunes to turn off syncing. When I clicked on "Photos", iTunes told me that Photos could not be synced because I did not have a Photos folder. It then (evidently) proceeded to create one, and then it started syncing my photos automatically. Once it was done, I never received the "could not sync, undefined error (-53)" message again. It's still working fine.

    Apple makes great products (iPod's, iPhone, iTunes, etc.), but their support and documentation are some of the worst on the planet! They need to quit complaining about MS and start fixing their own messes. I am a software developer, and their programmers know why each and every error code is generated. They just don't want to tell us!
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    The iTunes error are now very common to the iPhone users and if you got one then do not worry. To easily fix iTunes error 53 you just need to recreate your iTunes directory and then use iPhone data recovery tool to get back all your data on iPhone. 

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