New iPod Classic vs older models

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I was all set to purchase a new Classic 160 GB and ran across a few reviews that said you couldn't have the screen display the song playing info after it goes idle, only the clock. You would have to touch it to get the info back. Also, that the sound quality has lost depth, and the split screen menu is a pain. Just for fun I searched for the Gen5 iPod and came up with new ones on Amazon. The price however, was $500! To me that sounds like the 5th gen are in demand because they are possible a bit better. Any thoughts on comparing the 5th and current Classic iPod models? BTW, I'm coming from a 4th Gen and loved the simplicity of the menus, and doubt if I would use the Coverflow type interface, hoping it can be turned off.


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