GTA being developed for iPhone...How will Apple handle this?

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Its not news to most in the know for people who are into iPhone and gaming, But to those that do not know, Developer Rockstar North creator of the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series of games is bringing their portable GTA game "Chinatown Wars" which is currently developed for the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP for the iPhone and iPod Touch. How will Apple deal with the approval of this title for the iPhone and iPod Touch? If you have no clue and have been living under a rock for the past ten years, the GTA series of games is an extremely violent and extremely popular game for the past ten years. It is one of the best selling games of probably all-time. However the GTA series of games are noted for their violence and adult themed orientation. So how will Apple treat this game in its approval process?

If this game is approved, will we then see outcry from other developers about their apps being denied for poor taste..this should be interesting to so how it will be played out.

Your thoughts?

Just as a note. Rockstar North is a very well known game developer. As is the GTA series. If Apple decides that this game is too will this effect developers for the future in terms of developing for iPhone? I am sure companies are not going to want to invest to see their investment be tuned down.


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    Gameloft already have a game like it called Gangstar west Coast Hustle on the iphone:

    Snipers, fist fighting, running people over with cars. The only thing is there's no blood. Apple may stipulate no blood.

    Traditionally, publishers and distributors have issues with sexual content. The most horrifically violent scenes get through but even a hint of a nipple sets alarm bells ringing. Shame really as I personally prefer sexual content to violence.
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