Address Book synching with Exchange and iPhone

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I visited a client who is not satisfied with how his contacts synch on his iphone. He wants to have all the contacts in Address Book automatically synch and it only does most of them.

His work company has an Exchange server and he synchs the iPhone with that. He uses Mail as his email client, using his own domain as his email gateway. I think the Exchange is just for networking with the other employees.

In his Address Book setup, he has a group called "On My Mac" as well as his primary group and its 3 nested group children. The primary group (and the three child groups) synch with his iPhone and with exchange. Any new contacts that are added in Mail via "Create New Contact" are added to "On My Mac" - which irritates him since they are not automatically synched. He would have to drag them to one of the primary groups (which just happen to be clients, contacts, or referrals.)

One thing I have realized is that I don't have an "On My Mac" group on my address book. Also, he is listed as one of the people in "on my mac" and his default icon is a large black human shape - I don't have that icon in my Address Book. As far as numbers go, the number of contacts in "All Contacts" = contacts in "On My Mac" + contacts in "his three custom groups."

I don't know how much this situation to do with Exchange.

Here are ways the problem could be solved in my mind, although I do not know how to do any of them technically (some may be impossible) :

1) Have exchange also synch with "on my mac" group in address book

2) delete the "on my mac" group

3) have iphone additionally synch with the "on my mac" group in address book

4) have Mail not add new contacts to the "on my mac" group in address book


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